Longitudinal Finned Tubes


(Ø 25,4mm – FINS H.25,4mm) IN A179




(Ø 114,3mm – FINS H.32mm) BASE TUBES IN A 106 GR.B, FINS IN 304L


(Ø 60,3mm FINS H.38,1mm) IN MONEL400

Longitudinal finned tubes are used to give a great performance in any heat transfer application, especially in petrochemical area. They are the heart of heat exchangers that use their effective characteristics.

Our finned tube is particularly efficient as the channels are welded on the external surface of the tube by means of resistance weld technique. Every channel is the result of a fin strip shaped into a U form (made by us), such that each leg of the U will form a fin. The number of fins will be always a multiple of four with a maximum number depending on the outside diameter of the tube and on the thermodynamic calculations promoted for a specific job.

This continuous resistance weld gives the channels a very high adhesion to the external surface of the tubes. This adhesion has been measured in more than 30 kg by means of a fin pull test. This characteristic grants a great heat transfer efficiency, so that thermodynamic calculations can although design heat exchangers equipments at the best way .

We can also supply finned tubes with perforated fins ( e.g. for use with heaters B5 type ) and cut and twist configuration.

For possible combinations of materials and dimensions you can find below some information about the most used configurations. We are always available to try new technical solutions on Clients requests:


Technical Product Sheet:

  • Tube/Pipe size

    16 mm to 273 mm (10”) and more on request

  • Tube/Pipe Material

    Carbon Steel (A106, A333, A179, A210, P5, P11, P22) + Stainless Steel (304, 316, Duplex, Super Duplex) + Copper and Copper Alloys (Brass, Aluminum Brass, Cupronickel 70/30-90/10) + Nickel Alloys ( Monel 400, Inconel 625)

  • Fin Material

    Carbon Steel (A106,A333,A179,A210, P5, P11, P22) + Stainless Steel (304,316,Duplex,Super Duplex) + Copper and Copper Alloys (Brass, Aluminum Brass, Cupronickel 70/30-90/10) + Nickel Alloys ( Monel 400, Inconel 625)

  • Fin Height

    4,0 mm to 38 mm

  • Fin Thickness

    0,8 to 1,5 mm

  • Number of Fins

    Depending on the tube OD

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